Monday, March 02, 2015

Thanking Our Legislators

by Delta Vines

Tomorrow morning PM Netanyahu will address the U.S. Congress to make them aware of  just how much danger Israel, and other nations, are in should Iran be allowed to continue on in their aspirations of nuclear power/weapons.  As you know, some congressmen and women have said they will not attend.  If your congressperson is going to attend, it would be a very nice thing to contact them and thank them.  Sometimes we do not say "thank you" enough to our legislators.

For that matter, if you are a constituent of a member of Congress who has said they will not attend the prime minister's speech, it would be nice to thank them for their hard work as well.  All of our legislators work very hard to represent us.  If you would like them to attend the speech tomorrow morning, feel free to kindly request they reconsider attending.  Even if they do not attend, your kindness will leave a positive impression our legislators and their staff will appreciate.

However, if you would like to remind them how childish they are being in not attending the is ok by me!   (As long as you do so politely )


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