Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Appeal to the People of Israel

Dear People of Israel,

I do not have a habit of writing to a specific group of people as a general rule.  However, it is with a sense of urgency I do so now to the people of Israel.

You have an immediate important decision to make regarding the future of your country which you signify by your vote next week.  Simply put, the future of Israel depends upon how you vote.  

Every nation has it's economic and political issues.  Jobs, wages, and services are issues of great importance. After years of attacks by terrorists, to say the country of Israel is weary of such would be an understatement.  Yet, you are not alone in several issues.

Every country on the world stage is dealing with unemployment and staggering economies. They are also now painfully aware of the hatred and attacks against their lands by terrorists. However, It is not as Israel constantly faces. 

Their people are not attacked the world over because of their nationality and religion.  They do not face the desecration of cemeteries, the mockery and jeers, and the physical attacks no matter where they visit or live.  They do not face the constant pressure to give up their heritage and their land by several nations of the world.

Now you are faced with a decision to preserve your Jewish identity as well as your lives. Although the Labor Party has join with HaTnuah and changed their name to Zionist Union, it appears there is little "zionist" about them.  Do not forget how Tzipi Livni has in her various ministerial positions has taken steps to negotiate toward a "two state solution. As part of those negotiations Livni was willing to give away Yesha and Jerusalem.  She also has stated that she sees no problem with Iran.  Given the many times Israel has had missiles land within her borders from Hamas in Gaza...I would want a PM who would stand up against such aggression.

She and Herzog would rotate years with one being PM 2 years and the other one doing the remainder of the term. Both are very willing to concede with little negotiation a large amount of the land of Israel. An example of what that has lead to in Israel's past can be seen in Israel's giving up Gaza for peace.  But peace never happened.  Instead the Palestinians in Gaza voted for a government run by Hamas in their election.  

It is no surprise that Israel has been blamed for all the problems existing in the Middle East. ISIS is warring in Syria and Iraq. Boko Haram is active in it's murderous atrocities in nearby Africa, and Russia is at war with Ukraine.  Instead of focusing on one of those very dangerous areas, the US and others push for Israel to give up safe borders in order to have "peace".  Again, remember Gaza - and how that worked out for Israel.   With the Zionist Union candidates as prime ministers the result could be dangerous to the survival of Israel and it's residents.

No other Prime Minister has stood up for Israel in the way Benjamin Netanyahu has.  Even Sharon, with all his strength and bravado, signed over the Gaza Strip.  Netanyahu has been wise enough to insist on Arab acceptance of Israel being a "Jewish state".  He has stood firm on not accepting an Arab/Palestinian "right of return" which would mean anyone related to anyone who had lived in Israel prior to 1948 could demand land and housing.  That would essentially drive many Jewish Israeli's out of their homes.  Herzog and Livni would sign everything away, based on their previous performance.  To vote for them would be geographical suicide.

I plead with you, Israel, to vote for Likud, and your present prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  To do so would mean you will still have a homeland - the land of Israel.

With love from the U.S., 

Delta Vines

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