Monday, January 25, 2016

Presidential Pains - Hillary Clinton

Since Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been in a virtual tie, I waited a couple of days before writing this opinion. This was in hope of a more clear front runner coming forth. Instead, it's still a virtual tie.  Therefore, I'm going with the old adage of "ladies first" and starting with former First Lady and Senator, Hillary Clinton.

What positives has Mrs. Clinton accomplished?  As First Lady she jumped in feet first to the public eye and tried to establish policies during her husband's administration.  The most prominent project of Mrs. Clinton was to start a nation wide health care system.  She had a bully pulpit from which she spoke loud and often.  In many ways she reminded me of the title character in the musical "Evita". That project failed.  Mrs. Clinton however revamped, became much quieter, and was able to help establish an expanded health care program for children.

As New York Senator, Mrs. Clinton worked very hard after the WTC attacks on 9/11, (along with other members of Congress), to make sure first responders and their families had the care they needed.  (Of course, they did the same for the families of citizens who died or were injured in those attacks).  Also during her term as Senator, Mrs. Clinton worked for LGBT rights.

As Secretary of State she followed the dictates of President Obama and did her job well.  In 2012 Mrs. Clinton negotiated a (short-lived) stoppage to Hamas rockets daily being shot into Israel. She also championed women's rights in China. Mrs. Clinton was also a main architect in the sanctions against Iran.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Clinton also has a lot of baggage:

1. Using a private server for government emails and other information.  Much of the information was "top secret" and could have been hacked, thus compromising U.S. security

2.  Benghazi and the death of staff at the embassy there including Ambassador Chris Stevens because no military defense was allowed when the embassy came under fire. No pro-active actions taken to prevent such an occurrence when intel said it was a real possibility.

3. Over 15 women have accused Mr. Clinton of having one night stands, short term affairs, sexual assault, and rape.  One of those women have had the Clinton's settle out of court to the tune of high three figures. The question comes to mind is how could a President H.R. Clinton concentrate on her job as POTUS while wondering what her husband is doing.

Hillary Clinton is still ranking high in the democratic candidates polls despite the baggage following her.   She definitely has a great deal of experience in governmental issues. However, I'm not sure she can overcome the trust issues many voters have with her.  Plus there is the potential she will be tried for treason in regard to the emailed documents. 

It definitely gives food for thought, and reasons for prayer as voters consider for whom they will vote.

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Eudora said...

I never gave Hillary any thought what so ever except that she needed to find peace with-in and that... from the Living God of Israel.