Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Presidential Pains - Donald Trump

by Delta R Vines

With all the activity in the 2016 U.S. Presidential political scene, I decided to write my own insights, opinions, etc. on my blog.  To keep things somewhat "organized", I'm using the sub-category of "Presidential Pains" to separate it from other writing as I focus on a candidate from the "list" of candidates in both main political parties. 

It seems appropriate to start with Donald Trump (GOP) since he is the front-runner on the GOP side of the aisle.  In any other election year Mr. Trump would probably be ignored by the press, and the voters.  Instead, the polls have him at the top, and the press seems to not be able to give him enough air time. 

This year, however, the people are angry.  That anger seems aimed toward President Obama, Congress, and the Supreme Court.  They are angry about jobs, about riots, about the economy, about the defense budget, about terrorism, about illegal immigration (not about those who are here legally), and the status quo in general.  Donald Trump are saying things that many people agree with.  He is also saying things many people dis-agree with.  However, it appears presidential candidate Trump is the candidate that says more things people agree with than disagree with.

He is also the candidate that surprisingly reminds me the most of our present Commander-in-Chief. That includes, but is not limited to:  

  • Little to no previous experience as a member of the U.S. government
  • Experienced as a "deal maker"- negotiates with/and will give in after putting forth good effort.
  • Doesn't listen to people; assumes he knows what is best.
  • Has a "dictatorial" personality: if it doesn't go his way, he'll make it happen.
  • Has changed his position on many issues more than once.*

Several of those points are proven out in welcoming the endorsement of Sarah Palin.  Personally I wonder how much he paid her for the endorsement or if he promised her a place as the VP candidate again.  Her endorsement of him causes me to look more closely at other candidates.

The announcement was made in ORU's Mabee Arena (a Christian University).  Palin professes to be a Christian.  Yet, at a Christian institution of higher learning, Palin made statements that I found disgusting. Examples: “Our candidate is ballsy enough to get out there..."  and “who will let them (the military) do their jobs and go kick ISIS’ ass.”  This is NOT a Christian example to put forth. Instead I would suggest Mrs. Palin needs her mouth washed out with a bar of soap.  

One thing Mr. Trump and Mrs. Palin share: using no filter in saying whatever they want.  Mr. Trump in the Oval Office would be a public relations nightmare.  Mrs. Palin apparently already is.

Mr. Trump should have vetted her better.  His PR folks should have insisted on reading her speech notes before she gave it.  It's poor judgement on his part.  

I remember when then Senator Obama said he was against gay marriage, and that Israel should be the undivided eternal capitol of Israel.  He changed his mind completely during his first term on those and other election promises made.  

In the same time frame of the eight years of President Obama's term in office, after announcing his presidential bid, Donald Trump has changed his stance from being pro choice to pro-life; from being liberal to being conservative, and from being a democrat to being a republican.  Could we trust a President Trump?  Would he govern from the West Wing of the White House any differently than President Obama?  Could he really have a better chance of beating former Senator Clinton for the office than all the other candidates?  Would our nation be any safer or less so?

These are part of the questions and concerns I hope we all pay attention to before casting a vote for any candidate to be the President-elect of the United States. 

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